Our project

This website shows data from the Breathe London Pilot network of AQMesh static air quality sensors. The Breathe London Pilot project was a 2-year project funded by the Clean Air Fund and delivered by a consortium led by Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and including the current partners (University of Cambridge, CERC, ACOEM and NPL). The sensor deployment was kept in place under a NERC grant until April 2021. 


Download the data

The full NO2 dataset can be downloaded here.
The full PM2.5 dataset can be downloaded here.

Data is subject to change with additional QA/QC. It is recommended that users download a new data file each time they wish to work with the data, rather than using a previously downloaded file. Data is GMT hour ending. Missing data is indicated with the value -999. Breathe London Pilot data is licensed under the Open Government Licence.

Contact us

Email: info@breathelondonpilot.org